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Heated Insoles – Cushions Your Feet By Keeping Them Warm During Cold Season

During the winter, our skin can rupture because of cold conditions. Many people suffer from cracked skin in their feet and ankles during the winter. Such people can find it quite unbearable to even walk inside the house let alone go outside for any work. If winter is around the corner and you are making a list of accessories for the season, make sure you do not miss out on adding heated insoles to the list. 

Heated insoles are special kind of insoles as compared to regular ones that helps in keeping the feet warm from the harsh cold conditions. Since the feet remain warm by wearing such insoles, your feet will not get tired soon. It will allow you to walk more freely without feeling any kind of discomfort. Many of the high quality heated insoles come with attractive design and give you warmth that will last all day long
Generally, shoes that are available in the market are not able to generate that kind of warmth that heated insoles can generate. When you shop for heated insoles for winter season, you will come across different varieties. Here are some:
Heated Insoles with Chemical Sacs
Some heated insoles contain chemical heat sacs that can bought from a local department store. It can produce heat for around six hours. The heat sacs contain very fine metal rod inside which liquid and crystals are present. When the wearer walks, bending of metal rods takes place causing heat to generate from the resultant chemical action. If such heated insoles are not of good quality, the chemicals present inside can leak out. Hence, it is not advisable to use them for longer durations.
Heated Insoles with Rechargeable Batteries
Battery operated heated insoles can also be found at local supermarket. Such heated insoles that come thin lithium ion rechargeable battery is slightly expensive. Each insole is powered with a dedicated battery. Heated insoles are equipped with shock absorption technology that prevents any instances of short circuit. The nail bed present on the heated insoles provides best protection to the toes. Using heated insoles are completely safe and cause no damage to the body.
When the temperature goes down below 31 degree Celsius, the sensors present on the insoles can detect the change in temperature and it will start producing heat for around eight hours. The safety feature of these insoles does not allow them to get too warm. The heating system turns off automatically when temperature touches 40 degree Celsius or above.
Such battery operated heated insoles can be great for those individuals who indulge in various extreme cold activities like hunting and skiing. You will be able to spend more time outside in the cold without worrying about rupturing the skin of your feet.
When you go out to shop for heated insoles, make sure you buy a pair from a well-known brand that guarantees certain duration of heat. You also need to compare features and price. Before you go ahead and make a purchase, you can read reviews from customers who have used different kinds of heated insoles on the web.

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Different Kinds of Shoes Insoles for Solving Different Kinds of Foot Issues

It may have happened with you many times that when you visit a footwear shop and find a nice pair of shoes, you do not feel like purchasing them only because they are uncomfortable to wear. Even if you buy and wear them, you may experience unbearable pain in your feet and related areas like ankles, knees and lower back.
Insoles such as boot insoles are the easiest and cheapest solution to ensure you do not experience any pain or discomfort when you wear different kinds of shoes like boots and sports shoes. Here we have listed down some of the shoe insoles options that can find at a local store:
Shoes Insoles for Shoes with High-Heels
When you visit a drugstore to buy a pair of shoe insoles, you should look for the one that offers good comfort to the balls of your feet. High-heeled shoes are curved in such a way that much pressure comes on the balls of the feet and it does not put any pressure on the heels. By wearing insoles, the arches of your feet will get good support. You can also purchase insoles for high-heeled shoes that are loose for you. After wearing insoles, your feet will not slide inside your loosely fitting high-heeled shoes and thereby prevent you from falling or loosing balance while walking.
Shoe Insoles for Large-sized Shoes
If someone has gifted you a pair of shoes that are too big for your feet, you can still wear them by using shoe insoles. Even if you happen to buy shoes of proper size, sometimes different kinds of shoes may not fit properly because they are be too long or wide. The additional padding after inserting a pair of insoles to large-sized shoes like boots can help in fitting the shoes properly. Different kinds of insoles such as boot insoles are available in assortment of thicknesses. Before you buy them, you can try them to make sure they fit your shoes properly and also provide you the best comfort.
Shoe Insoles for Sports Shoes
People who wear sport shoes indulge in activities like jogging, exercising or other sports. If the pair of sports shoes they wear are not comfortable, they can end up with problems sprain in the ankle and feet, muscle cramps and tearing of ligaments. You can also find insoles for specialized boots like skiing shoes. At a sports shoe or ski store, you will be able to purchase ski boot insoles like thermal-formable insoles.
Shoe Insoles for People with Foot Issues
One can suffer from various kinds of foot issues such as calluses, overpronation, underpronation, corns and more. The pain can be quite agonizing for people with these problems who wear uncomfortable pair of shoes. Various kinds of insoles like boot insoles, formal shoe insoles, sport shoes insoles, and so on are available and they offer different levels of cushioning. After spending good time at different shoe stores, you will be able to find a good pair of insoles to overcome your foot issue. If you do not find comfort with any of the insoles available in the market, you can consult with a physician to provide you with custom-made insoles.

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Over-the-counter Orthotics vs Custom Orthotics – Find out Which One is better

Quite often it may have happen that you are not able to purchase a pair of shoes of your choice mainly because they are not comfortable for you. If you try to wear such shoes, you may end up with knee or lower backache. Shoes like flat bottom shoes or high heels that are uncomfortable for your feet can become quite comfortable if you make use of custom orthotics.
When a patient requires foot support, his physician may suggest him to either going for over-the-counter orthotics or custom orthotics. At local stores like medical stores or sports shoe stores, you can easily find over-the-counter orthotics. However, you should not purchase directly because an over-the-counter orthotic insoles may be efficient to provide the right support and comfort to your feet.
Orthotic Insoles
The locally available orthotic insoles are designed to provide cushion and support to the foot. Some of them are flat while others have arch built-ups in the middle. Some contain magnet or small fluid pouches. If the size of the OTC orthotics does not suit you, you can simply cut them to fit your shoe size. Since they are easily available, they are not expensive.
Orthotic insoles that are available over-the-shelf are made available according to shoe size. This kind of orthotics may not suit all and hence specific corrections to a person’s need cannot be expected. In other words, apart from trimming, there isn’t much scope for modification. If any correction is required, customers will have to purchase additional supporting items like heel wedges. The less-expensive OTC orthotics can help patients who do not have any major biomechanical issue in their feet. However, if patients have major asymmetry issues in their feet, they should opt custom designed orthotics.
Custom Orthotics
Custom orthotics is a custom-made device that is mainly built to give relief from pain that arise when you wear footwear that discomforts you. Personalized orthotics is designed from a figure of wearer’s feet along with exact corrections to assist better support and comfort. One can avail custom orthotics from a physician. To provide good comfort, custom-fitted orthotics is made using materials like leather, carbon fiber, durable plastics, and other items. Moreover, since they are custom products, they can designed to suit different kind of shoes that you wear such as formal shoes, sport shoes, boots and so on.
When you start using personalized orthotics that is tailored according to your needs, you will instantly start experiencing relief from related musculoskeletal problems. Custom orthotics is also made considering the activity levels and body weight of the wearer. Another good thing about custom orthotics is that if you find them comfortable or if they have irregular structure, you can ask for making corrections to its measurements to suit your feet better. Most companies that make custom-fitted orthotics may not charge you extra money for making corrections to the tailor-made orthotics that they made for you.
Since they custom-fit orthotics are made to according to individual’s requirement, such orthotics can only be made to fit properly by an expert or professional. If you place an order for it; it may take some time to get them ready and receive the delivery. And as compared to OTC orthotics, they come with expensive price tag.

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Find Out the Benefits of Using Flat Feet Insoles

A flat foot also known as fallen arch is a deformity of the foot in which the arch along with the sole touches the ground. This deformity can be there since birth or it may appear over a period of time. Such a condition can happen when a person stands for a long time. It can also happen if a person exerts too much pressure on the feet arches. Even being overweight or using an uncomfortable pair of footwear can lead to flat feet.
If you have flat feet and if you neglect the condition, it can lead to painful consequences. One can also consider buying shoes that are specially designed for people with flat feet. Such shoes will not offer good comfort to the feet but also it will prevent the condition from getting worse. For those who feel that buying such a pair of pair of shoes is a costly affair can consider opting for a cheaper solution for flat feet. An easy and simple way to treat fallen arches is to make use of insoles for flat feet. As compared to normal foot, people who have plane feet must consider buying the flat feet insoles.
It may not be that easy to find specific design insoles easily. However, by searching more at other local stores and also through online stores, you will surely find the best insoles for flat feet. Here are the benefits of using flat feet insoles:
1. If you wear an excellent pair of insoles specially designed for fallen arches, you will surely get relief from flat feet pain. Flat feet insoles are made from high quality materials and are mainly designed to absorb all the pressure and shock in order to provide best comfort to the wearer.
2. Another good thing about insoles for flat feet is that it improves comfort. People with even feet can encounter strain while walking. If you do not have the right pair of insoles, the pain can be quite excruciating. Flat feet insoles are meant to provide the best cushion for such people while walking and running.
3. Insoles for flat feet can help in increasing the surface area which can be very helpful when you walk or perform exhausting exercise. Such insoles can considerably help in improving the balance and prevent accidents.
4. The flat feet insoles that you should be buying should not be too firm or too flexible. If it is too firm, when you walk or run or do any activity, it will not be able to absorb shock properly. In other words, when force is applied to such pair of insoles, the material that is made up of will not allow it to compress sufficiently. This will cause the generated shock to strike the ground and transmit back to your joints leading to problems like pain in the knee and back.
5. Flat feet insoles can increase the life of your footwear. If you do not wear them, your shoes can tear or wear off faster and you will end up buying new shoes quite often. By the using the best insoles for flat feet, you can for sure increase the life of your existing shoes and save on your money.

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How to Purchase a Pair of Shoe Insoles?

The best way to give comfort to your foot when you wear shoes is to make use of a pair of shoe insoles. Different footwear are available in the market in different designs. Sometimes, one can experience foot pain while using new or different shoes. The only way you can alleviate foot pain and make sure they fit properly is by using shoe insoles. You can buy it over the counter or get custom designed pair by a professional.


Most pair of shoes contains insoles. However, if you do not find comfort, you can replace the existing pair of insoles with a new one. Regardless of your profession or sport, you should consider buying a pair of insoles that not only because it will not only give comfort your foot but also it will increase the life of your shoes.

Shoe inserts can greatly assist in preventing problems that can happen when you continue to use an uncomfortable pair of footwear. Some of the associated health issues include arch pain, heel pain, weak ankles, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and overpronation. Here is what you need to do if you want to purchase a pair of shoe insoles.

  • Shoe insoles are available in different sizes like small, medium and large. Hence, you need to know the size of your shoes before you head on to purchase a pair of insole. Without confirming with the size of your shoes, do not go about purchasing it. The shoe insoles should fit inside your shoes properly.
  • If you are into certain profession or sport, you should purchase those insoles that have been exclusively designed for your profession or sport. There are well-known companies that mainly manufacture and sell insoles for sports shoes. Since these are specially designed insoles, they may be available with expensive price tag. For cheaper insoles, you can visit your local department store.
  • A person who has feet that pronates normally, he can buy a normal pair of insoles. However, if your foot overpronates or underpronates, you need to purchase insoles that come with supportive arch. It can considerably help in controlling your pronation. It will provide you with cushion and comfort that will keep you well-balanced while walking.
  • If you have tried couple of insoles and do not seem to find any comfort, you need to try wearing customized pair of shoe insoles. There are several companies that specialize in selling custom fit shoe inserts. Some insoles can be kept in oven for heating in order to mold it to precise shape of your feet. Such pair of insoles can surely provide your feet with additional cushioning that it needs.
  • If your existing insole fits you properly but you are in need of new pair of insoles, before inserting the new insoles in your footwear you need to draw the outline of your existing insoles on the new ones using a pen. Make use of a scissor to cut off the extra part of the insole so that it fits you perfectly.
  • Before you purchase shoe inserts, it is recommended to try them. If it does not comfort and support your feet well, you should try another pair of insoles.