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Over-the-counter Orthotics vs Custom Orthotics – Find out Which One is better

Quite often it may have happen that you are not able to purchase a pair of shoes of your choice mainly because they are not comfortable for you. If you try to wear such shoes, you may end up with knee or lower backache. Shoes like flat bottom shoes or high heels that are uncomfortable for your feet can become quite comfortable if you make use of custom orthotics.
When a patient requires foot support, his physician may suggest him to either going for over-the-counter orthotics or custom orthotics. At local stores like medical stores or sports shoe stores, you can easily find over-the-counter orthotics. However, you should not purchase directly because an over-the-counter orthotic insoles may be efficient to provide the right support and comfort to your feet.
Orthotic Insoles
The locally available orthotic insoles are designed to provide cushion and support to the foot. Some of them are flat while others have arch built-ups in the middle. Some contain magnet or small fluid pouches. If the size of the OTC orthotics does not suit you, you can simply cut them to fit your shoe size. Since they are easily available, they are not expensive.
Orthotic insoles that are available over-the-shelf are made available according to shoe size. This kind of orthotics may not suit all and hence specific corrections to a person’s need cannot be expected. In other words, apart from trimming, there isn’t much scope for modification. If any correction is required, customers will have to purchase additional supporting items like heel wedges. The less-expensive OTC orthotics can help patients who do not have any major biomechanical issue in their feet. However, if patients have major asymmetry issues in their feet, they should opt custom designed orthotics.
Custom Orthotics
Custom orthotics is a custom-made device that is mainly built to give relief from pain that arise when you wear footwear that discomforts you. Personalized orthotics is designed from a figure of wearer’s feet along with exact corrections to assist better support and comfort. One can avail custom orthotics from a physician. To provide good comfort, custom-fitted orthotics is made using materials like leather, carbon fiber, durable plastics, and other items. Moreover, since they are custom products, they can designed to suit different kind of shoes that you wear such as formal shoes, sport shoes, boots and so on.
When you start using personalized orthotics that is tailored according to your needs, you will instantly start experiencing relief from related musculoskeletal problems. Custom orthotics is also made considering the activity levels and body weight of the wearer. Another good thing about custom orthotics is that if you find them comfortable or if they have irregular structure, you can ask for making corrections to its measurements to suit your feet better. Most companies that make custom-fitted orthotics may not charge you extra money for making corrections to the tailor-made orthotics that they made for you.
Since they custom-fit orthotics are made to according to individual’s requirement, such orthotics can only be made to fit properly by an expert or professional. If you place an order for it; it may take some time to get them ready and receive the delivery. And as compared to OTC orthotics, they come with expensive price tag.