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How to Purchase a Pair of Shoe Insoles?

The best way to give comfort to your foot when you wear shoes is to make use of a pair of shoe insoles. Different footwear are available in the market in different designs. Sometimes, one can experience foot pain while using new or different shoes. The only way you can alleviate foot pain and make sure they fit properly is by using shoe insoles. You can buy it over the counter or get custom designed pair by a professional.


Most pair of shoes contains insoles. However, if you do not find comfort, you can replace the existing pair of insoles with a new one. Regardless of your profession or sport, you should consider buying a pair of insoles that not only because it will not only give comfort your foot but also it will increase the life of your shoes.

Shoe inserts can greatly assist in preventing problems that can happen when you continue to use an uncomfortable pair of footwear. Some of the associated health issues include arch pain, heel pain, weak ankles, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and overpronation. Here is what you need to do if you want to purchase a pair of shoe insoles.

  • Shoe insoles are available in different sizes like small, medium and large. Hence, you need to know the size of your shoes before you head on to purchase a pair of insole. Without confirming with the size of your shoes, do not go about purchasing it. The shoe insoles should fit inside your shoes properly.
  • If you are into certain profession or sport, you should purchase those insoles that have been exclusively designed for your profession or sport. There are well-known companies that mainly manufacture and sell insoles for sports shoes. Since these are specially designed insoles, they may be available with expensive price tag. For cheaper insoles, you can visit your local department store.
  • A person who has feet that pronates normally, he can buy a normal pair of insoles. However, if your foot overpronates or underpronates, you need to purchase insoles that come with supportive arch. It can considerably help in controlling your pronation. It will provide you with cushion and comfort that will keep you well-balanced while walking.
  • If you have tried couple of insoles and do not seem to find any comfort, you need to try wearing customized pair of shoe insoles. There are several companies that specialize in selling custom fit shoe inserts. Some insoles can be kept in oven for heating in order to mold it to precise shape of your feet. Such pair of insoles can surely provide your feet with additional cushioning that it needs.
  • If your existing insole fits you properly but you are in need of new pair of insoles, before inserting the new insoles in your footwear you need to draw the outline of your existing insoles on the new ones using a pen. Make use of a scissor to cut off the extra part of the insole so that it fits you perfectly.
  • Before you purchase shoe inserts, it is recommended to try them. If it does not comfort and support your feet well, you should try another pair of insoles.